A Social Enterprise


SLi offer partnership models for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), software development companies, software vendors or companies requiring software development services, representatives and entrepreneurs. Our strategic partnerships enable SLi and its partners to leverage each other's mutual strengths resulting in a comprehensive and strong client service and solutions. Our other business models also create greater opportunities for companies or clients who do not have adequate resources. SLi's competent services, resources and skills will help create an effective model that will give your business a definitive advantage in the market.

Our models offer:
  • High value solutions for all business processes from production scheduling and organisation structure to customer support
  • Strategic ideas and effective performance results which will benefit your customers with regard to project costing, risk management and resource allocation
  • Opportunities for rapid growth and stronger business for both you and your customer as our solutions are quality efficient, reliable and generate speedy business decisions
  • Ensured success with a competent offshore software development methodology
  • Cost effective solutions as per your budget requirements

Along with developing the best strategy for optimised business performance, we also provide different business models to meet individual requirements. Some of the models that we offer are:

Joint Venture
Under the Joint Venture model, SLi can support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in delivering efficiencies and quality services. Negotiations concerning the respective property services, which a client wishes to transfer under SLi, are then stated under an exclusive contract. The required services are then transferred to SLi and together with the client, efficiencies are introduced. However, this is accepted only if it is beneficial for all concerned parties and an agreement is negotiable.

Offshore Development Center
Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) is aimed at those looking at long-term gains from off shoring outsourcing. A dedicated Development Centre is solely engaged in creating an extension of the client's software engineering facility which involves developing, testing and deploying software solutions and applications. Usually this model has a pre-determined minimal time period which allows the client to leverage the talent pool of SLi, while ensuring cost effectiveness. Resources, equipment and infrastructure are reserved exclusively for the client.

Hire Dedicated Resource
This model is usually undertaken for short term projects. Under this model the client lays down well defined requirements and task allocation. The services of a developer, or designer, a tester, a project manager etc. are availed and hired only when required. The project manager or representative of the client will allocate tasks and manage the developer directly.

Time & Material (T&M)
The Time & Material (T & M) model is a preferred option when the scope and requirements of a project are not well defined at the outset. In this case, the project follows the standard pay-by-hour as per the hourly development efforts. The work entails defining the business model and working together with the client till final completion. Once the initial requirements are met and clients decide to take it to the next level, in some cases the project gets converted to the Fixed Price Model.

Fixed Price
Under this model, clients provide well-defined requirements after which the services and specification of the project are categorically spelt out, discussed and agreed upon. Deliverables, costs and timelines are clearly defined in this model. The model also follows a standard change request procedure for any palpable changes.

The referral model is a convenient, time and cost effective model especially for individual entrepreneurs or new entrants in the industry looking to market their own products or establish themselves. Under this model, the client informs the required details and specifications, after which we refer the most appropriate and reliable source who will help meet your requirements. We keep the client constantly updated at each stage of the process, until requirements are fully met.